About us

Hi, we are the team behind Colibri.ai. We are building an AI meeting assistant that helps people to have more productive and enjoyable online meetings.

We are a small but growing team of ML/AI/NLP aficionados hailing from Google, Yandex, and academia.

Members of our team have previous experience with topics ranging from search to natural language processing to data security and encryption; the mathematics of protein folding and drug discovery; transcranial brain stimulation, and Theoretical Physics.

One of us, Dmitry Kondakov, is “the fastest coder in the world” – he won the Topcoder world finals 2018.

Three team members have PhDs in Theoretical Physics, including the company's founder and CEO, Sergei Burkov, an ex-Googler and serial entrepreneur. His previous startup was acquired by Google.

Pooling our skills and experiences, we are learning how to teach computers to understand humans. Star Trek computer is our dream…

You can contact us at team@colibri.ai.