Live transcription for Zoom meetings

The Colibri app works right in Zoom, so you can view live transcription and take notes without leaving your Zoom meeting.

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Works with Zoom desktop client for Mac or Windows
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Reimagine your
Zoom meetings with Colibri


Increase accessibility

Improve accessibility for deaf or hard-of-hearing participants, as well as non-native speakers.


Note-taking made easy

Ensure that important details of your meeting are captured while you give the conversation your undivided attention.


Document your calls

Create a searchable library of your team and client meetings so the best ideas and decisions are never lost.

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Purpose-built for Zoom

Colibri is a Zoom Apps launch partner. It is purpose-built to work in Zoom, simply and seamlessly. You can install it today from the Zoom App Marketplace.

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Works with Zoom desktop client for Mac or Windows

Live transcription accessible directly from Zoom

Colibri works right in Zoom. Just open the app during your meeting to see live transcription next to the meeting video. Follow along or scroll back and read at your own pace, unlike closed captions.

Real-time speaker identification

The Colibri app for Zoom identifies speakers in real time and displays their names in the live transcription.

Mike Wilner
I’ll get back to you regarding your proposal after I’ve discussed it internally.
Jennifer Burton
Yeah sure, we’ll send the presentation to you along with the proposal
Anna Ericson
Do you think you’ll get around to that next week?

A better way to take notes: no pencil, no typing

Taking notes during online meetings can be distracting. With Colibri, you can capture the best ideas and action items by simply clicking the “highlight” button, during the meeting. You can then share these highlights as meeting notes or use them to compose a perfect meeting follow-up.

Share live transcription with others

Invite other participants to install the Colibri app, so they can view the live transcription right in Zoom, or share a link to the transcript synced with audio after the meeting.


Easily access previous meeting notes

Search across your transcripts and review highlights from previous meetings - all without leaving Zoom.

Record and share video

Record and share videos from Zoom meetings you host, so others can rewatch key moments of your presentations, product demos, and customer interviews at their own convenience.

What customers say about us

Mike Wittenstein
Colibri lets me see what I say. Unlike so many other voice to text solutions, it works in real time. We use Colibri to document most of our client and team calls. It has proven invaluable when it comes time to find themes within and across conversations.
Mike Wittenstein
Mike Wittenstein,
Founder & Managing Partner at Storyminers
Dr. Dimitrios Rovas
Colibri live transcription has helped us make online lectures more accessible for international students. Our students found it very useful and even requested that all courses in their Master’s program include the live transcription service.
Dr. Dimitrios Rovas
Dr. Dimitrios Rovas, Associate Professor & Programme Leader at University College London (UCL)
RADEK Jezbera
Great integration with Zoom.
We don’t need to think about it, it’s always recording.
RADEK Jezbera
RADEK Jezbera,
Partner at Black Pine Executive Consulting

Transcribe your Zoom meetings with Colibri

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Works with Zoom desktop client for Mac or Windows

You can also use Colibri with other video conferencing or streaming platforms. Learn more