Colibri + Slack integration

Get real-time meeting transcripts right in Slack:

What you need:

Connect Colibri to Slack

  1. Sign in to your Colibri account.
  2. Open the account menu in the lower left corner of the screen, go to Settings > Integrations.
  3. Navigate to Slack and click Add to Slack.
  4. Allow Colibri to access your Slack workspace.

    Tip: If you received an error message, please contact your admin and ask them to approve the Colibri App for Slack in your Workspace.

    Tip: If someone in your organization has already installed the Colibri App, go to your Slack workspace, type /colibri start in any channel and follow the instructions to connect your Colibri account.

  5. Add the Colibri app to Slack channels and private groups where you want to share your transcripts (instructions below).

Add Colibri to Slack channels

  1. Click on the Colibri icon in Slack.

    Tip: If you haven’t received any messages from Colibri yet, type /colibri help in any channel, then click on the Colibri icon.

  2. Click Add this app to a channel …
  3. Select a channel where you want to use Colibri and click Add

Using Colibri app in Slack

  1. Connect Colibri to a meeting you want to transcribe. In your Colibri workspace, the meeting status must be In progress.
  2. To start live transcription of your meeting in Slack, use the /colibri start slash command in a channel or a private group where you need it.
  3. Colibri will start a Thread with live transcription.

    Anyone in this channel will be able to see the transcription and type comments in real-time.

    Also, everyone in the channel will get a link to the transcription in Colibri, where they can read and listen to the recording of the meeting.

  4. To stop the live transcription in Slack, use the /colibri stop slash command. You’ll be able to resume the live transcription in the same Slack thread by typing /colibri start.

    If you want to stop the recording of your current meeting, you’ll need to go to your Colibri workspace.

  5. To delete the transcription from Slack you need to delete the meeting transcript from your Colibri workspace.

Automatically post all Colibri transcripts to Slack

Colibri can automatically post all your transcripts to Slack.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Integrations and check the box for Automatically send transcripts to Slack. Then click Save changes.

The app will send everything to you in direct messages. Only you will be able to access these transcripts.

Available Colibri commands

Revoking Colibri’s access to your Slack account

You can revoke Colibri’s access to your Slack account by going to the Settings > Integrations and clicking Disconnect.

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