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Sara Burnet 12:43
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.
Tom Wilner
You’re welcome. I’m happy to have the opportunity.
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Save hours of transcription time with automatic speech recognition.
Record and transcribe live audio content in real time.
Easily share transcripts with your collaborators.

How it works

Record or upload

Record online meetings, interviews, webinars, and other live audio content using Colibri in your web browser, or upload files from your computer. Follow live transcription in real time and have a searchable transcript ready in minutes.

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Review and edit

In Colibri, your transcripts are synced to audio, so you can easily follow what’s being said and correct mistakes. Our AI will help you identify multiple speakers in seconds.

Export and share

Share your transcripts with a link, or export as MS Word, PDF, VTT and more.

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A fast and simple-to-use transcription tool

Real-time transcription
Custom vocabulary
Speaker identification
Sensitive data redaction
Online text editor
Flexible export options

What customers say about us

Mike Wittenstein
Colibri lets me see what I say. Unlike so many other voice to text solutions, it works in real time. We use Colibri to document most of our client and team calls. It has proven invaluable when it comes time to find themes within and across conversations.
Mike Wittenstein
Mike Wittenstein,
Founder & Managing Partner at Storyminers
Dr. Dimitrios Rovas
Colibri live transcription has helped us make online lectures more accessible for international students. Our students found it very useful and even requested that all courses in their Master’s program include the live transcription service.
Dr. Dimitrios Rovas
Dr. Dimitrios Rovas, Associate Professor & Programme Leader at University College London (UCL)
RADEK Jezbera
Great integration with Zoom.
We don’t need to think about it, it’s always recording.
RADEK Jezbera
RADEK Jezbera,
Partner at Black Pine Executive Consulting

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