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Enhance sales productivity by automatically logging calls and AI-generated meeting notes in Salesforce.

Salesforce integration
SEt-up guide
SEt-up guide Learn how to install and set up the Colibri app for Salesforce

Automatically log calls & AI-generated notes in Salesforce

Colibri records, transcribes, and logs your calls with AI-generated meeting notes in Salesforce. The Colibri for Salesforce integration automatically maps calls to the matching records in your CRM, ensuring call details and notes are connected to the right deal and easily accessible to your team.

AI-generated notes in Salesforce
Get AI meeting summaries in Salesforce

Work faster with AI meeting summaries and next steps

Faster follow-ups. Faster call reviews. Faster deals. All made possible with AI summaries & next steps generated by Colibri AI and ChatGPT.

Coach your sellers based on data, not feelings

Colibri lets you measure talk ratio, script adherence, customer sentiment, and more. With the Colibri for Salesforce integration, you can access these metrics, along with the full recording and transcript of each call, directly from Salesforce.

Coach your sellers based on data
Disclaimer We use Large Language Models to generate AI summaries and next steps. While these models are advanced, they have limitations and may occasionally generate inaccurate or incorrect content. We encourage you to use your own judgment when making decisions based on the AI-generated content.

More integrations

Colibri app for Zoom

Colibri app for Zoom

Colibri integrates seamlessly with your Zoom desktop client, allowing you to use all of Colibri’s real-time features right within your Zoom meetings.

Colibri app for Slack

Colibri app for Slack

The Colibri app for Slack allows you to automatically send AI-powered summaries and next steps to your Slack workspace after each meeting.

What customers say about us

Mike Wittenstein
We use Colibri to document most of our client and team calls. It has proven invaluable when it comes time to find themes within and across conversations.
Mike Wittenstein
Founder & Managing Partner at Storyminers

Salesforce call logging, simplified.