Real-time AI to fuel winning sales calls

Colibri is a real-time conversation intelligence platform for modern revenue teams. With automatic meeting summaries, powerful call analytics, real-time AI guidance and coaching, you can increase sales efficiency and win more deals faster.

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How Colibri helps sales teams to win

Increase in rep productivity

Increase in
rep productivity

Faster onboarding of new hires

Faster onboarding
of new hires

100% visibility into deals

visibility into deals

Build a searchable call library

Give your team direct access to the voice of the customer. Use Colibri to record, transcribe, analyze and organize your sales calls into an easy-to-use searchable call library.

Call library

Review calls faster with AI meeting summaries

Take the hassle out of typing notes. Colibri automatically identifies next steps, customer questions, and other key points in your meetings, so you always have the info you need for fast follow-up and effective meeting prep.

Meeting summary
Topics list
Message with topics

Track topics that matter to you

Uncover what’s happening in your customer conversations. Define topics you want to track and Colibri will help you glean essential moments from each meeting, from competitors and product names, to customer objections and pricing.

Coach reps in real time with live cue cards

Colibri surfaces contextual cue cards in real time so reps know exactly what to say when a prospect asks a challenging question or mentions a competitor. Use live cue cards to ramp new hires faster and improve rep performance on every call.

Competitive battle cards
Colibri surfaces relevant battle cards when competitors are mentioned.
battle card
Objection handling
Colibri spots common objections and suggests the best tactics to overcome them.
battle card
Answers to customers’ questions
Colibri suggests accurate answers from your knowledge base when prospects ask challenging questions.
battle card
Reminders and alerts
Colibri reminds reps to pause and ask a question when they’ve been talking for too long. You can also set triggers for keywords or phrases to alert reps when they say something that doesn’t meet your guidelines so that they can self-correct in real time.
battle card
battle card
rt objection
rt competitive
rt notifications

Guide reps on every call with smart checklists

Help reps follow your talk tracks and run high-quality meetings every time. Smart checklists ensure that reps mention all key selling points and ask the right questions to move deals forward. When a rep mentions an item from your checklist, Colibri hears it and automatically checks it off.

Conversation intelligence and team performance analytics

Make better decisions with conversation insights and team performance analytics.

Trending topics

Trending topics

Use insights on trending topics to understand market signals and build data-driven selling and enablement strategies.

Team performance analytics Team performance analytics

Team performance analytics

Now coaching your team is a breeze. Colibri lets you measure key metrics, such as script adherence, talk-to-listen ratio, customer sentiment, and more, so you can coach based on data, not feelings.


Purpose-built for Zoom

If your team uses Zoom for sales calls, your reps need Colibri. The Colibri app works right in Zoom, so reps can access call templates, refer to contextual battle cards, and take notes - all without leaving the Zoom meeting.

Add to Zoom
Zoom Colibri Zoom app

Instantly sync call notes to your CRM

With Colibri, updating your CRM is a breeze. Colibri automatically logs calls and syncs meeting notes to your CRM so you can spend more time selling.

Sync to crm

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